Tummy Tuck Recovery Month 3

My doctor approved me saying goodbye to my compression garment, so for the last month I’ve hardly worn it. I will put my compression binder on extra tight for a couple days if I notice swelling. Yes, swelling still happens! If I’m too active, or if I’ve slacked off in my diet and haven’t drank enough water, I wake up swollen and lumpy. Luckily, a couple days with compression clears it right up.

I feel tension on my scar occasionaly, but applying scar cream every day has really helped with elasticity and healing. I’m basically back to normal life now. Since3 months post op today marks month three, I can start working out my core! I am already thrilled with the definition I’ve received from the surgery alone, but I am excited to take it a step further to┬áincrease my strength and overall health.

My scar is healing very nicely. I’ve healed well and have had zero issues with recovery. I do wish I was closer to my doctor. I would visit him just for the sake of going back to Mexico, but since it’s not in my budget, virtual communication will have to do. My doctor and his staff are so thrilled with my results and recovery, as am I! CER Clinic continues to show their professionalism and care for me although I am long gone.

There’s a lot of controversy and cruel opinions about people who choose to have plastic surgery. I am not one to judge. It’s your body, your life. While there are many who do it to enhance their bodies or to try to fix an insecurity, I chose plastic surgery to give me a better quality of life. I could pick apart my body as much as the next person. I am a mother of two amazing children. I nursed both of them, so of course my breasts are not as perky as they once were. My hips are wider, I have love handles, flabby arms from dramatic weight loss, flabby inner thighs for the same reason. I am covered in scars from a motorcycle accident and stretch marks from having children. I’m starting to show wrinkles in places I’m not excited to see them. There’s a plastic surgery solution for every little thing I could want to fix. However, I don’t feel the need to spend the money and recovery time trying to attain a picture perfect body.

My excess belly skin, while it may seem frivolous to remove it to others, caused me a great deal of discomfort. I would get frequent painful heat rashes underneath that caused a lot of pain. I chose plastic surgery for the one area that caused legitimate health issues in my life. Although the reasons for my choice to get a tummy tuck are understandable, I am still absolutely proud and thrilled to have a normal midsection again. Do I still have a substantial amount of stretch marks and flabby skin elsewhere? Sure, I do! I am not after the perfect body. What I do want is to feel comfortable in my own skin again (physically and mentally). ┬áI have achieved that. Many have asked if I will get more work done because of how great my results were with my surgery. The idea is very tempting, I’ll admit. However, I have no plans to partake in anymore plastic surgery during my lifetime.

’til next time, Blue Skies! -K.