Two months post Tummy Tuck update

Today marks two months since my Tummy Tuck with Muscle Reconstruction. I started using my scar balm a month ago and I’m already seeing a difference in appearance of my scar.  The product I use is by Artisan Soapery and created by me. I started this skin care company in 2011 and love what I do! I am in no way trying to sell you on anything. I encourage you to start using fadea scar balm or cream when your doctor has allowed it. You do not have to use the one I made. However, you should look for one that is as natural as possible, containing no parabens, sulfates, pthalates, or formaldehyde. You should understand that there is no scar fading product in the world that will fade your scars over night. The key with any product is consistency. Use your product every day. Twice a day, even. You will visibly see a big difference every month if you are using a decent product.


Here is the difference in just one month of using my balm. The redness and inflammation is reduced and I can already see my pregnancy stretch marks smoothing as well. I love this product! I swear, this balm is going to make me a million bucks one day haha.scar
I took photos this morning to send my surgeon in Mexico for my 2 month follow up. My 4 year old daughter took the photos for me (which explains the short angle lol). She wanted me to “show my muscles” for the photo, haha. In one more month I will actually be able to work on my newly stitched abs. By the way, my belly button? That’s not t2-months-post-op1he belly button I was born with! Crazy, right?!

At this point, I wear my compression garment 50% of the time. I don’t sleep with it on, but I wear it under my clothes during the day. Every week or so, I’ll not wear the garment during the day, but I wear tighter fitting gym pants like in the photo to the right. I notice that if I go without wearing my garment for more than a day, I start to swell and get a bit lumpy, so I still wear it during the day.

It’s funny. During the first few weeks, I couldn’t stand my compression garment. I was looking forward to burning it, haha! However, now it’s become a bit of a security blanket and I don’t know when I’ll feel comfortable not wearing it every day.

Swelling depends on the day as well. Some days I look flat as a board. Other days I look so bloated my pants don’t fit well. I am hoping the swelling will be gone for good very soon.

I hope my surgeon is as pleased with the results as I am!



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