How I chose my Plastic Surgeon and Recovery Destination in Mexico

I made the decision earlier this year to get a tummy tuck. I was done having kids, and two cesarean sections plus weight loss had not been kind to my midsection. I’m 30 years old, and although I feel beautiful IN clothes, out of them was a different story. I knew that any man who loved me would love me regardless of deflated breasts and a little extra tummy skin, but I made the decision to have skin removal surgery for ME – no one else. If you’re thinking about getting any sort of reconstructive surgery done, you should make sure that you’re getting it done for the same reasons. Yourself, nobody else.

Once I had decided to get a tummy tuck, I started the research of finding a plastic surgeon. I started with surgeon’s who had high rated reviews in my area (Fresno/Hanford/Visalia). However, I got quickly discouraged when I found out that the cheapest I could find was about $9,500. Oh my gosh. How could I afford that? I don’t have credit cards because I enjoy having no debt. There was no way this was happening for me. I felt discouraged and disappointed. Then, I’d heard of another option: out of the country surgery.

Some people go to Canada, some to Japan or Switzerland. Some go to Mexico. That’s where I decided to go. I did months of research on doctors and facilities in Tijuana before deciding on my doctor. So I contacted the hospital I chose. I was given my quote, which was $5,000 LESS than what I was quoted in America! Too good to be true, right? What’s the catch? Will I end up on Botched? Will I wake up in a dirty alley with my kidney’s missing? Of course, all of these fears were fears that others’ ignorance instilled in me, so I decided to do my own research.

Did you know that TJ has some of the most state of the art medical facilities for a number of procedures such as orthopedic, dental, bariatric, plastic surgery, geriatric, and cancer treatments? These facilities are able to charge a fraction of the price you would pay in America for simply being in a more affordable country. Sure, there are sketchy places that give the industry as a whole a bad name, but if you do your research, you can find reputable , US Board Certified doctors and clinics for any of your medical needs AFFORDABLY.

With the price I was quoted, I knew this was the best route for me if I wanted this procedure done. I chose Dr. Luis Suarez at CER Clinic in TJ, Mexico. He’s one of the highest rated plastic surgeon in TJ and is also a US Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He’s a perfectionist and sets his standards very high. From my very first email, I was greeted within a few hours from a friendly patient care coordinator, Diana. She walked me through my virtual consultation and Dr. Suarez had decided that I was the perfect candidate for a semi-circular tummy tuck with muscle repair. From then, Diana helped me with all of my travel plans. The price I was quoted was all-inclusive. It included a shuttle to/from San Diego airport, a 3 day stay (I arrived Thursday evening, surgery was on Friday, I was discharged Saturday), all meals are included, all medications for 10 days are included, anesthesia is included, room amenities, EVERYTHING WAS INCLUDED!

Diana gave me many choices for lodging accommodations. I could stay at a nice 4 star hotel for about $100 a night, but one place that stood out the most was Eureka Medical Recovery Guesthouse. It’s an all-inclusive stay with unbeatable accommodations. The business is ran by a lovely family: Linda & Luis, as well as their daughter Amanda. They specialize in caring for people specifically coming to TJ for medical procedures. They pick you up from the hospital, take you to/from all of your post op appointments, pick up any prescriptions you need, provide all meals for you, and check on you throughout the day. They cater to your needs and are a truly lovely family. I believe the extra cost is worth the exclusivity, privacy and personal care. Sure, I was expecting help during my recovery, but they provided so much more. We leave here having made new life-long friends. If you can afford the extra cost, I highly recommend staying at the Eureka Medical Recovery Guesthouse!

If you’re wondering, “Is $150/night really worth the extra when I can just stay at a 4 star hotel for a little less?” Here is something to put it into perspective. You get every amenity provided by a hotel, PLUS more when you stay at Eureka. All of the extras you get with Eureka would cost you more at a hotel.

                                                      Amenities and Accommodations
                                                 ✓ = included            $ = additional cost
What you get: Eureka Guesthouse 4 Star Hotel
King Bed or 2 Twins
Handicap Shower
Flat screen TV with Netflix
Complimentary Wifi
Laundry Service Provided $
Unlimited Hot Coffee/Tea $
Home cooked meals all day $
Snacks when you are hungry $
Ocean View Room $
Sight seeing & Shopping $
Complimentary travel $
Private coastal access $
Transportation to doctor appointments $
Transportation to airport $
Ocean View Balcony $
Discretion and Respect N/A
Privacy away from the public N/A
Cozy home atmosphere N/A
Medical accommodations N/A
Prescription Pick ups N/A
Medical assistance (with bandages, drains, etc.) N/A
Hands on recovery care N/A
Great company N/A
Special pillows for your medical needs N/A
Company of two friendly dogs N/A
*Note: Some hotels may offer some of the additional N/A accommodations, however it will be at an extra cost

You simply cannot beat the accommodations for your dollar. And I promise you that you will love every day there!



5 thoughts on “How I chose my Plastic Surgeon and Recovery Destination in Mexico

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  2. What a great blog about a scary decision. People have misconceptions about doing surgeries outside of the US. Your story can give hope to people who have heard the horror stories and not the truth. This sounds fantastic. What an option!!!!

    • Thanks, Mary! That was exactly the reason for blogging about this journey. Many people view going to another country for major surgery as scary and unimaginable, but if you do your research, you can find terrific and AFFORDABLE doctors for any of your surgical and health care needs.

  3. I read your story and I’m going for a mommy make over April 28th of this year. This has helped me I will be going to CER with dr Luis and I would like to see pictures of your procedure before and after? Please

    • Hi, Kimberly! It doesn’t look like I can attach the picture in this reply, so I will email it to you. How exciting! I bet you are thrilled. Where are you staying? I highly recommend Eureka Medical Recovery Guesthouse. Their accommodations were incredible. Way better than any hotel. Email being sent in a bit! 🙂 I can’t wait to keep up with your progress. Keep in touch! -Katye

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